Hayden Solicitors Ltd provide an efficient and personal service to assist with all your property matters.

We are a member of the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS), which marks the firm out as meeting high standards in the residential conveyancing process.

If you are obtaining a mortgage we are on most lenders’ panels. Please confirm your lender when you instruct us.

The lawyers dealing with these matters are Mrs Kathryn Makin who has 7 years’ legal experience and qualified as a solicitor in September 2021.  Mrs Sophie Brown who has 7 years’ legal experience and is currently finalising her qualification to become a Chartered Legal Executive.

Their supervisor is Mrs Deborah Hayden-Pawson, who qualified as a solicitor in 1990 and has over 30 years’ experience.

Stamp Duty or Land Tax (on purchase)

Stamp Duty depends on the purchase price of your property.  The amount can be calculated using the

Conveyancing Quotes

Hayden Solicitors Ltd operate a bespoke online quote generator for conveyancing matters.  Please click on the button above to obtain your bespoke quote.  This will include all necessary disbursements relevant to your transaction.  VAT is also charged at 20%.

Services not included in the price provided by the bespoke quote generator are those provided by third parties, who will charge an additional amount, such as a surveyor.

What services do the Sale legal fees include?

The services included within the anticipated legal fees on our quote generator for a Sale are as follows:

  • Taking instructions;
  • Obtaining suitable evidence of identity;
  • Preparing a Client Care pack, including Terms and Conditions, Property Information, Fittings and Contents Forms;
  • Making contact with the Estate Agents or Solicitors acting for the buyers requesting confirmation of their instructions;
  • If the sale is of a leasehold property, where appropriate, requesting information from the Freeholders and/or Management Company;
  • Downloading Land Registry Office Copies, or, if the title is unregistered, obtaining the paper Title Deeds in order to establish and confirm ownership of the property;
  • Preparing a draft Contract Pack;
  • Forwarding the Contract Pack to the buyer’s solicitors;
  • Dealing with any enquiries raised by the buyer’s solicitors;
  • Approving a draft Transfer Deed;
  • Obtaining the seller’s signature to the Contract and Transfer Deed;
  • Negotiating a completion date and exchanging Contracts on that basis;
  • Obtaining any redemption figures necessary to repay any mortgages secured against the property;
  • Preparing a completion statement;
  • Completing the sale;
  • Repaying any mortgages secured against the property;
  • Forwarding completion documents to the buyer’s solicitors;
  • Accounting to the sellers for the net sale proceeds.

What services do the Purchase legal fees include?

The services included within the anticipated legal fees on our quote generator for a Purchase are as follows: –

  • Taking instructions;
  • Obtaining suitable evidence of identity;
  • Preparing a Client Care pack;
  • Obtaining suitable evidence of the source of funds;
  • Contacting the seller’s solicitors to request a draft Contract Pack;
  • Upon receipt of the draft Contract Pack, reviewing the same and investigating title;
  • Ordering any relevant pre-contract searches;
  • Raising any relevant and appropriate enquiries arising from the draft contract, investigation of title and search results with the seller’s solicitors.
  • Upon receipt of the search results, interpreting them and reporting to the buyer;
  • Upon receipt of a Mortgage Offer, reporting to the buyer and raising any further necessary enquiries;
  • Reporting to the buyer in general in relation to the Contract, Title and other information received;
  • Obtaining the buyer’s signature to the Contract and all other relevant documents;
  • Negotiating an acceptable exchange and completion date;
  • Obtaining the deposit funds from the buyer;
  • Exchanging Contracts;
  • Ordering the mortgage advance from the lender if appropriate;
  • Ordering pre-completion searches;
  • Completing the purchase;
  • Obtaining the completion documents from the seller’s solicitors;
  • Serving any required Notices on the Freeholder and/or Management Company;
  • Submitting a Stamp Duty Land Tax return to HM Revenue & Customs and paying any tax due;
  • Submitting the application to register the transaction at the Land Registry and paying any relevant fees;
  • Following completion of registration, forward a copy of the completed registration to the buyer and any lender.

What services do the Remortgage legal fees include?

The services included within anticipated legal fees on our quote generator for a Remortgage are as follows:

  • Take clients instructions and send client care and questionnaire to client
  • Obtain AML and electronic ID checks for the client for compliance
  • Review the file and obtain up to date title for the property
  • If this is a Transfer of names and remortgage obtain consent from lender
  • Obtain a copy of the lease if Leasehold
  • Check existing title if there is a current lender request a redemption figure
  • Check with the client no breaches on the lease
  • Mortgage offer received check lenders rules
  • Report to the client on the Mortgage and send Mortgage deed
  • If the property is leasehold obtain notice fees for the landlord as to the change on the title
  • If the property is as buy to let request copy of the tenancy agreement
  • Obtain indemnity policy for no searches to be activated on completion
  • Request bank statement from the client and verify the banking information
  • Copy of Buildings insurance request
  • When signed Mortgage deed is returned we request the funds from the lender
  • Set the date for remortgage completion
  • Send letter to the client on completion of the remortgage
  • Redeem existing mortgage if applicable
  • Pay any notice fees
  • Bill the client and receipt
  • Send the net amount of the remortgage to the client as per their instructions
  • If this is a company remortgage carry out insolvency check
  • Register the charge at companies house
  • Application to register the new charge sent to the Land registry
  • Sending closing letter to the client with copy of new amended title to show new charge
  • Letter /email to the lender to confirm the registration of the new charge

What services do the Transfer of Equity legal fees include?

The services included within anticipated legal fees on our quote generator for a Transfer of Equity are as follows:

  • Take clients instructions and send client care
  • On receipt of the signed client care
  • ID checks carried out
  • Copy of title received
  • Check if there is a mortgage on the title if there is we get consent from the lender and advise the client to check this also
  • Transfer deed prepared
  • Request evidence of change of name if applicable i.e Marriage Certificate
  • If one person coming off the title we send letter to them to advise them to take independent legal advice
  • Send ID1 form and Transfer to person coming off the title or going on the title dependent on instructions
  • Send Transfer to the client for signing
  • On receipt of the transfer we apply to the Land registry to register the title and make the change to the register
  • Invoice the client
  • Send the client amended title once completion has taken place
  • Send closing letter


Sales and purchases – Completion timescales can be hard to predict as it can be affected by numerous factors, for example the number of parties involved in the chain or whether finance is required by way of a mortgage.  Normally a residential property transaction takes between 8 – 12 weeks.

Remortgages – Once we have received instructions on a standard re-mortgage transaction, it is likely to be completed within 4 – 8 weeks depending on the lender requirements.


Severance of Joint Tenancy

This is a legal process by which the owners of a property change their legal ownership from beneficial joint tenants to tenants in common.  There may be several reasons you choose to do this and it’s important to seek specialist advice from one of our team.  Our fees are £200 + VAT per property and this includes the following: –

  • Initial instructions
  • Review HMLR Office Copy
  • Prepare and serve notice of severance on co-owner
  • Registration at the Land Registry
  • Advice on updated HMLR Office Copy