Divorce & Separation

Relationship breakdowns are often distressing. We will help you deal with the practical and legal issues as they arise. This department has often been described as ‘accident and emergency’.

We are focused on helping you sympathetically and sensitively. Importantly providing you with clear advice when you need it most.

You will find us robust in our dealings with other professionals on your behalf. Our absolute commitment is to keep in mind the best outcome for you, and your children.

Children often suffer during a relationship breakdown. See our ‘children’ section for information and guidance on this.

• Fixed fee uncontested divorce as the Applicant £349 + VAT. Court fee £593. If you are on a low income you may be eligible for a fee exemption/reduction.

• Fixed fee £199 + VAT as the Respondent in an uncontested divorce.

• Contested divorces are charged at our hourly rates, which depends on experience of your lawyer.


At Hayden Solicitors we have years of experience helping parents resolve their child arrangements, with the interests of the children being paramount.

If no agreement can be reached either parent can make a referral to mediation, or apply to the court, if this is unsuccessful.

Court orders can determine a particular matter in relation to the child’s upbringing, or their day-to-day care.

Take early legal advice from us to achieve the best solution for your children.

• Hourly rates from £150 – £255 + VAT per hour depending on qualifications and experience of your lawyer.


The main questions for most people will be “what will I get?” or “what will I have to pay?”

Hayden Solicitors Ltd can answer these questions for you dependant on your personal circumstances.

Most cases settle by negotiation. If necessary, you can issue an application to Court to resolve your financial dispute.

Different courts work to slightly different timetables. Generally, you need to allow about six to twelve months from the date we make the first application to a final hearing.

Although there are many online resources, there is no substitute for direct legal advice in this area.

• Hourly rates from £150 – £255 + VAT per hour depending on qualifications and experience of your lawyer.

Nuptial Agreements

An increasing number of couples are entering into Nuptial Agreements in contemplation of, or during their marriage/civil partnership.

We have considerable experience advising in relation to all types of Nuptial Agreements. Although, still not legally binding in the UK they are always a factor to take into consideration.

• Our fees start at £1,000 plus VAT.