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A trust is something most people probably think they would never need – they are just for rich people, right? …

…wrong, more and more of our clients are securing the line of inheritance for their bloodline relatives by creating a simple trust for their home or assets. The main purpose for setting up a trust is to protect and preserve family wealth for your loved ones and the generations to come.

What can a trust do for you…

  • Reduce the costs and delays of probate
  • Protect the surviving spouse on first death
  • Avoid your family wealth passing outside the ‘bloodline’ family
  • Protect your family wealth from any claims from unexpected/excluded beneficiaries
  • Avoid your family wealth passing to creditors or any third parties

If you have found yourself saying “yes I would like that” to one or most of the above benefits, why not come in for a FREE advice appointment with a member of our private client department where we can discuss how a trust would benefit you and your family.

We will also discuss what is important for you and your objectives. We will then be able to pin point the benefits that will be specifically advantageous to you and your family.

There are many types of trusts available. Some you set up during your lifetime others are set up on death – the right trust for you may not be the right trust for the next person.Therefore, it is important that we discuss the most suitable plan for you and your family.