Last Will and Testament

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Why should you have a Will…

A Will is an important and relatively inexpensive document for everyone to have. It can settle not just what happens to your property and money, but also your wishes in relation to the care of your children and any other wishes you may have.

None of us want to think about what happens when we die, but there sadly is no greater certainty in life and not having a Will, or having a badly drafted one, can cause many problems for your loved ones when you pass.

Without a valid Will, what happens to your assets will be governed by the Laws of Intestacy. This is more often than not what we would wish.

If you have young children or adults who are dependent on you, appointing a guardian for your children will be very important to you.

We can help!

Let us help you with your Will – it gives peace of mind and you are never too young to do this. We advise all our clients to make their Will and provide a discounted service to existing clients.

It will take you half an hour of your time and we can visit you at home, or speak to you on Facetime or Skype. So there is really no reason not to…

Fixed Fees:

Basic Individual Last Will and Testament : £150 plus VAT
Basic Mirror Last Will and Testament : £175 plus VAT

Is a Will enough for you…

More often than not a Will is not enough. A Will simply is an ‘instruction’ of to who and in what proportions your estate is to be distributed.

A Will is the lowest level of protection you can have and it may be that you need to consider the higher levels of protection to adequately meet your wishes, ensure you preserve your families wealth and reduce the burden upon your loved ones. The level of protection you need will depend on your wishes, your assets and circumstances. If you are unsure if your estate plan enough do not hesitate to contact a member of the team.

Things you may wish to consider as part of your estate plan are; Trusts and Lasting Powers of Attorney.