If you require legal assistance regarding your children, we offer an initial
consultation with one of our solicitors at a cost of £100 plus VAT

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As a parent you will have to make difficult decisions about your children whilst you go through a separation, and afterwards. Often it is difficult to agree on the best way forward. At Hayden Solicitors we are sensitive to these issues, and have years of experience helping parents resolve disputes in the best possible way with the interests of the children being paramount.

If no agreement can be made regarding issues such as; where your children should live, contact arrangements, or how parental responsibility should be exercised, then either parent may make a referral to mediation or apply to the court if this is unsuccessful.

Under the Children Act 1989 there are several orders that a Court can make regarding children, including Child Arrangement Orders, which have replaced custody/residence/contact orders over the last 27 years.

These orders determine a particular matter in relation to the child’s upbringing. An order usually lasts until the child reaches the age of 16.

If you need our help one of our highly experienced solicitors, will advise you and suggest potential solutions resolve your matter.

We will give you a fees estimate in our initial consultation and if you decide to instruct us further your initial consultation fee will be deducted from your costs going forward.